How to see every app you’ve ever downloaded for iPhone

You remember your first love and your most recent crush, but it can be tricky to recall all the flings and heartbreaks in between. It’s the same with apps, but fortunately the powers that be have been keeping track of your app usage history, so your memory need never let you down again.

Whether you’re trying to remember the name of that simple side-scrolling game that cost you 6 weeks of your life and about £32.50 in in-app purchases, or the travel app that helped you navigate your way across Colombia with only broken Spanish, there’s a simple way to jog your memory.

Whether you’re an iOS or Android user, you can see every app you’ve ever downloaded. This is how you do it.

Warning: Reading on might result in hours of your life wasted playing long-forgotten games.

In iTunes on your desktop, click on the profile icon on the top pathing (it looks like the silhouette of a head) and from the dropdown menu, hit “Purchased”. That’s it – it’s that easy. You can now see every app you’ve ever downloaded.

Depending how early you jumped on the iOS bandwagon, that could be a seriously large number. Alternatively you can do it on your iPhone or iPad by clicking Updates > Purchased in the App Store.

Fortunately Apple lets you organise and order these apps in a number of ways. As well as opting between browsing all downloads and those not currently in your library, Apple even lets you break down the apps you’ve download by iPhone and iPad, making it easier to hunt of the slate or smartphone-based app you’re looking for. Cheers, guys.